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Grant Process

Grant Guidelines and Policies

  • At this time, the Wood Family Foundation giving is focused on Odessa, Texas and the surrounding counties of the Permian Basin.
  • Applicant organizations must be determined by the Internal Revenue Service to be exempt from federal income tax.  Applicants must provide a copy of their IRS Determination Letter of Ruling identifying their organization as exempt under section 501(c)(3) and exempt from Private Foundation Status under Section 509(a).  Applicants who are exempt under a Government Municipality must also provide proof of such.
  • Any major capital campaign seeking to raise $1 million or more must raise approximately one-half of the needed funds prior to application to the foundation.
  • All requests from universities or colleges should be approved by the development office of the university or college and submitted to our offices under a cover letter from the development office.
  • The Foundation does not make loans or grants to individuals.
  • The Foundation generally limits its giving to primarily educational and medical grants that provide benefits to the citizens of Odessa, Texas, and the surrounding Permian Basin area.
  • Applicants must seek funding for the same proposal from various sources, as sole support of programs is rarely undertaken.
  • Due to the number and magnitude of requests received each year, the Foundation cannot respond favorably to all requests. Thus, grants are made without any commitment for future support of operations or specific projects.

Application Instructions

  • All grant requests must be submitted online through the application portal.  Organizations submitting a paper application will be asked to resubmit digitally.
  • Any organization that has received funding from the Wood Family Foundation in the last two fiscal years or any nonprofit organization located within Ector County will be asked to submit an “Intent to Apply” prior to receiving the application form.  All other organizations will be required to first submit a “Pre-Application Request.” These are reviewed by the trustees every 4-6 weeks to determine their level of interest.  If interest is shown, you will be given instructions regarding the submission of a grant application and deadline. You will also be notified if your Pre-Application Request has been declined.  Both the Intent to Apply and the Pre-Application Request will be completed through the online portal.
  • Pre-Application Requests are reviewed every 4-6 weeks. Grant applications are considered two times per year.  Organizations may not apply for the same or similar funding more than once within the Foundation’s fiscal year (1/1 - 12/31). See deadlines below.
  • When completing an application, you will be asked to download Adobe Acrobat PDF forms for completion to be attached and uploaded to your application.  WHERE THE FORM IS PROVIDED, YOU MUST USE THE FORM.

Should you have any questions, please call Brenda Denton at 432-200-6313 or complete the form below.

Pre-application Period Deadlines

2024 Spring Grant Cycle
March 1, 2024
2024 Fall Grant Cycle
August 1, 2024

Deadlines for Pre-applications are as follows:

Pre-applications are not generally considered out-of-cycle. Pre-applications must be received by the Foundation by 5 p.m. on the day of the deadline.

Organizations are encouraged to contact Brenda Denton with any questions regarding projects, organization eligibility, or the grant application process.

Brenda Denton
(432) 200-6313

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